8 September 2017

Time for another look at our new Books!!

Image result for why did the chicken cross the road, bookImage result for bad guys 5Image result for very brave bear

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?  By Jim Dewar.  Is this why the chicken crossed the road?  Read then decide.

Hetty's Day Out/.  By Pamela Allen.  A greedy day out for Hetty!  with all she has eaten can she get back in the cat door?

The Very Cranky Bear and The Very Brave Bear.  By Nick Bland.  Read about Bear and his friends in the jungle.

Tom gates: Best Book Day Ever (so far).  By L. Pichon.   Book day for Tom and his class mates.

The Bad Guys Episode 5: Intergalactic Gas.  The Bad Guys are at it again.

Heromice: Dinosaur Danger.  By Geronimo Stilton.  Dinosaurs have invaded Muskrat City.  Can Superstilton save the city?

Minecraft Guide to Creativity and Exploration.  Two non fiction looks at how to explore and create new worlds in Minecraft.

5 September 2017

New additions to the Parent Library

We have had two new books donated to our Parent Library this wee.

Image result for he'll be okImage result for the politically incorrect guide to teenagers

Please fee free to come in and borrow these ans many more.  for Full list of parent library books follow the link.

1 September 2017

With only 4 weeks left!

With only four weeks left of this term it's time to think about holiday reading!

Nee Naw the Little Fire EngineThe Diamond Horse

Nee Naw the Little Fire Engine.  By Deano Yipadee.  Sing along with Nee Naw and his crew as they put out a fire.

How do Dinosaurs Laugh out Loud.  By Jane Yolen.  A lift and look book with lovable charters and jokes.

Moana.  By Disney.  A picture book from from the Movie.

Computer Coding Projects for Kids. By Carol Vorderman.  If you want to create computer games over the holidays then this book is for you.

Paws off the Pearl!  By Geronimo Stilton.  Another exciting adventure in the Cavemice series.

The Diamond Horse.  By Stacy Gregg.  If you love Stacy Gregg's stories then this one is no exception.

Robin to the Rescue!  Lego Batman.  From the movie to the pages.  Follow robin in his adventures.  

21 August 2017

Look whats new in the Library!

Kiwi Corkers: Parakeet in BootsImage result for fun to draw cool robotsThea Stilton Special Edition #1: Journey to AtlantisImage result for tiny timmy on tour

Parakeet in Boots.  By Chris Gurney.  A kiwi version of Puss in Boots.

Fun to Draw Cool Robots.  By Robert Ainsworth.  Get your pencils ready to draw cool robots.

Duck on a Tractor.  By David Shannon.  Can Duck drive a tractor, or will things get silly?

Journey to Atlantis.  By Thea Stilton.  Thea and her sisters are back, this time thought its the ity of Atlantis that has their focus.

Tinny Timmy on Tour.  By Tim Cahill.  Timmy and his mates are heading to some away games and will be away all week.

14 August 2017

Read Read Read

Pig the Fibber + Farting Plush boxed setCaptain Firebeard's School for Pirates

Pig the fibber.  By Aaron Blabey.  Pig the Pug is a fibber until one day when he learns his lesson.

Captain Firebeard's School for Pirates.  By Chae Strathie.  If becoming a pirate is for you, then this book is a must.

Super Secret Agent Dotty Detective.  By Clara Vulliamy.  Dotty and her dog McClusky love solving mysteries.

Flying Furballs Unmasked.  By Donovan Bixley.  Claude and Manx go undercover in Venice.

Lets Get Along.  By Jordan Collins.  Set of four: It's Great to Share, It's Great to Work Together, It's Great to Keep Calm, It's Great to be Kind.

7 August 2017

Ready to be read this week!!!

I Need a HugTui Street Tales

I Need a Hug.  By Aaron Blabey.   Will no one give poor porcupine a hug?

Grimms Fairy Tales.  By J and W Grimm.  A collection of fairy tales retold.

Tui Street Takes.  By Anne Kayes.  The Tui Street friends find themselves faces with mysterious happenings and adventures.

Bumble learns about Seasons, Curly learn to Count, Bella Learns about Shapes, Franky learns about colors, Dizzy learns to tell the time.  All by Natalie Jane Parker.  5 new read and learn books for beginning readers. 

3 August 2017