16 March 2018

Week Seven's New Reads

. My First Day at School PbkExcuse Me!

My First Day at School.  By Rosie Smith.  A sweet look at  the very first day of school.

Dragon Stew.  y Steve Smallman.  5 Vikings are board and decide to go hunt a dragon.

Excuse me!  By Dave Hughes.  A take about using our manners.

The Jam Doughnut that Ruined My Life.  By Mark Lowery.  Book two in the series.  Can Doughnuts be deadly?

The Lava Melt Shake.  By Kyle Mewburn.   Another tale in the Dinosaur Trouble series.

Crown of Dreams.  By Katherine Roberts.  The exciting third book in the Pendragon Legacy books.

9 March 2018

Weather getting colder - Here are some new Reads

The Shape of My Heart.  By Mark Sperring.  A lovely look at the shapes around us every day.

Te Great Monster Hunt.  By Norbert Landa.  When Duck hears a noise under her bed she call for help.

Hilo Saving the Whole Wide World.  By Judd Winick.  Episode two of the adventures of Hilo.

Zombie's Birthday Apocalypse.  By Zack Zombie.  Book 9 of the series.

Tiny Timmy makes the Grade.  By Tim Cahill.  Book two follows Timmy and his soccer mad mates.

Whose Feet are These?  By Gillian Candler.  A look at some of New Zealand's native creatures and their feet.

2 March 2018

Mid Term New Reads

Image result for boy vs beast mega battles

Max and his big Imaginations: The sandpit.  by Chrissy Metge.  One day max is dinging in the sand put when his imagination opens up.

Arthur and the Curiosity.  By Lucinda Gifford.  Arthur discovers a 'Curiosity' in the Museum on a trip.

Crocodile Beat.  By Gail Jorgensen.  The animals are all gathering around the river making their sounds until Crocodile gets hungry.

The Imagination Box.  By Martyn Ford.  A chapter book about using your imagination.

Attack of the woolly Jumper.  By Mark Lowery.  A novel shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize -twice.

Boy vs. Beast: Mega Battles.  By Mac Park.  8 Battles in one book!!!

16 February 2018

Week three finished already!! Books for weekend reading

Oceana's Kitty Catastrophe

Harry and the Monster.  By Sue Mongredien.  Harry is dreaming about a monster night after night.  His parents help him make friends make the monster less scary.

Orange Pear Apple Bear.  by Emily Gravett.  A fun book using just 5 words.

Miniwings: Oceana's Kitty Catastrophe.  By Sally Sutton.  Another in the Miniwings series.

Beauty and the Beast.  By Disney.  The book of the live action film.

Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens.  By Nick Arnold.   A Horrible Science book.
Frightening Light.  By Nick Arnold.  A Horrible Science book.

9 February 2018

This Years First New Books

When We Go CampingWhale in the Bath

When We go Camping.  By Sally Sutton.  A rhythmic book about going camping.

Whale in the Bath.  By Kylie Westaway.  Bruno has a great imagination and uses it at bath-times.

Wilma Jean the worry Machine.  By Julia Cook.  This is a great book to share if your child suffers from Anxiety.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.  By L. Pichon.  Another episode following Tom and hi friends.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: Back to Scare School.  By Zack Zombie. Book eight in the series.

Fidget Spinners.  By  Emily Stead.  A book on how to get the most from your spinner.

9 January 2018

Library Open Tomorrow From 10 am

Come and visit tomorrow between 10 am and 12 pm tomorrow.  We are making ropes like Maui and paper weaving.

Hope to see you there!

Library Open day last Wednesday

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Look what fun we had last week making mountains and playing games with our families.